Sunday 15 June 2014

Increase in Dialysis Fee

Last month i got a call from my parents and I have been informed that Dialysis Fee in Taal Batangas have increased with additional 800 pesos. It's another burden to Kidney patient. Did you know that there are patient who cannot attend to their need of having regular dialysis?
I just hope that the government will do something to increase the 45 sessions that is being provided by PhilHealth. I also hope that bad news being shown between PhilHealth and Private Hospital relation will not become worst, because if the proposal of some private hospital push through about not accepting Phil Health in their hospital it will be a big burden to patients.
My father is still havign it's ongoing regular Kidney Dialysis session, and thanks God His grace is sufficient for us.
I have updated this site with a new banner about AIM Global which I am now part of. I have decided to join this network company due to the fact my father needs some food supplement as well as I also need an additional income. So it's hitting 2 birds in one stone.
Till my next post.

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