Saturday, 15 June 2013

How To Prevent High Expenses of Kidney Dialysis?

Above mentioned question, is the first thing I asked myself after knowing that my father will undergone medication. And upon research, all those high expenses can be prevented if we have only prepared for the Long Term Health Care of my father.

It is also the reason why I join IMG (International Marketing Group). IMG teaches different levels of investing and protecting your healt is one of their main concern. IMG is a great company which teaches proper financial Planning.

In IMG we envisioned that there is no family left behind. We believe that it is important to have levels in investing as follows:

1.) Long Term Health care, Insurance

2.) Mutual Fund

3.) Stock Market

IMG believes that through proper investing, people will not have problem in the future. IMG will not only teach how to do proper investing, it can also be a source of additional passive income . All we have to do is to train and learn the ins and outs of this business.

I thank God for the supportive mentors and my supportive wife.

It's truly a great blessings.