Saturday 10 March 2012

My Father is Getting Better | Tips for Dialysis Patient

My Father is Getting Better | Tips for Dialysis PatientFirst of all we would like to thank God for everything as well as all people who are helping us in our journey for my father’s treatment. God is continuously pouring blessings to us. To God be all the Glory and let Him blessed those people who blessed us.

It is good to report that my father’s creatinine level goes down to 700+. My father has 1700+ before his dialysis. His fistula is still not being used but according to the doctor, the fistula will soon be used as an intake of dialysis procedure. Some tips to those undergoing dialysis :

  • Make sure that you follow your doctors advise regarding the food intake.
  • Take food supplement
  • It is not the end of the world, for people who are in dialysis.
  • Pray and always trust God on his provision.

I always believe that nothing is impossible with God. he is the great healer and He is able. god Bless everyone.

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