Friday 17 February 2012

What is Kidney Stone?

Kidney_stone_fragments-2-285x300You have probably heard of kidney stone and complications its appearance inside the organism might lead to. For those still wondering what is a kidney stone – kidney stone or nephrolithiasis is appearance of hard material inside the kidney. Due to the material's crystallized structure kidney stone will cause sharp and severe pain upon exiting the organism, which is naturally done through the urethra. This medical disorder hits male population as twice as much as female. If not medically treated kidney stone can and will cause severe complications which might lead to fatal epilogue. Drinking between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day or often tea drinking significantly reduces probability of kidney stone's appearance. Fluid intake mechanically averts kidney stone genesis by increasing need to urinate.

What causes kidney stones?

After you have learned what a kidney stone is, you need to be aware of what causes kidney stones in order to stay healthy. Kidney stone emerges out of sediments of calcium oxalate inside the kidney. Due to reduced fluid intake going on for several years, urine density is decreased causing sedimentation within kidneys. Changes in nutrition will positively affect all types of kidney stone except cystic type of kidney stone which is treated with medically prescribed drugs. Beside reduced fluid intake, which is considered to be one of main factors causing this medical disorder, significant influence is done by certain medical conditions and congenital factor. Infections of urinary tract and Crohn's disease are among medical disorders known to lead to kidney stone. Ongoing problems with too acidic urine are also well known to lead to kidney stone disorder. Congenital factor plays significant role whether you do or don't have high chances of getting kidney stone. Persons whose relatives have previously experienced this disorder are more likely to have it themselves than those whose family had not been diagnosed kidney stone through the history.

Kidney stone treatment

Medicine has made significant advances in the field of kidney stones curing. Surgical treatment is used as last option to apply at critical cases. Increased fluid intake is considered to be the best prevention method. Often drinking cranberry tea will renew the mucous membrane as it often gets damaged when kidney stone occurs inside the kidney. The general treatment approach depends on location and the size of the stone. Once these two factors are determined particular treatment method is applied. If possibility of stone leaving the kidney exists while the patient can tolerate the pain he or she is sent to home care. In some cases different methods are to be undertaken to help to break the stone. Kidney stone lithotripsy is the most popular method where high energetic shocking waves are pointed at kidney stone in order to break it. If lithotripsy doesn't help, in cases when the stone is too big or hard to break, a method called percutaneous nephrolithiasis is used. Third method commonly used is ureteroscopy a method which uses sound equipped with necessary tools to locate and break the kidney stone into smaller pieces. However, the best prevention is to take care of every day activities – prevention is always better than treatment. Stay healthy and fit by doing often medical examination and keep the kidney stone away with fluid intake.


  1. maribeth Dabela10 March 2012 at 21:37

    my husband's doctor found out that he has a chronic Kidney Disease last two weeks ago then the doctor advised on him to undergo the dialysis this morning. Do we have any an options to treat the disease without dialysis?

    Please can someone help me?

    From: philippines

  2. Dexter Panganiban10 March 2012 at 22:03

    Hello Maribeth, So sad to here about your husband's condition. My father was also diagnose to have a chronic kidney disease upon learning that his creatinine is already 1700+. The doctor told us that there is no other solution. He have tried to drink some medicine but it does not work. Good to know that after 1 month of dialysis my father's body is reacting to the dialysis. His Creatinine is now 700+ as seen on his last blood examination. He have undergone 1 surgery for the dialysis entrance through his neck and the other is through his by what they call fistula. All we can do now s to pray.

    But be prepared on the cost of treatment. At the moment I build this site in an aim to sustain the treatment of my father. My father is now doing an strict diet. and he is also taking some food supplements to refresh the vitamins that is being taken by the dialysis procedure.

  3. Any updates about your husband.. .. God Bless You..