Tuesday 31 January 2012

Different Type of Kidney Diseases

Different Type of Kidney DiseaseKidneys are an important organ of our body; our health gets devastated without their proper functioning. If they completely stop to work then the life of a person will totally depend upon dialysis. The only way left for spending a healthy life for such a person will be to replace his diseased kidneys through transplant.

Diseases related to kidney are divided into several types. Some kidney disease are worst than others. Acute diseases are those that suddenly attack on kidneys, whereas chronic diseases are those that slow down kidneys’ functioning. Both these are caused by autoimmune disorders, infections, medications or toxins. Also that high blood pressure and diabetes can also effect the functioning of kidney and worsen it gradually.

In one type of kidney disease the body fluids start to leak out in urine. Hematuria, a disease in which blood comes in urine, is one disease under this classification. Usually it is caused by leakage of blood from capillaries into Urine. This problem is caused by sickening of organ. Proteinuria is another common disease of this classification. Proteins of body come out in it. It is in fact so much dangerous sometimes that no more proteins are left to fulfill protein needs of body. Another similar disease in which proteins come out through urine is nephrotic syndrome;. Presence of stones in kidney is another type of disease. Stones mostly arise when you do not take enough water and eat too much calcium rich foods. Besides, build up of uric acid in blood is another reason to cause stones. The second type of stones is very painful. Mostly they stuck into ureters and do not let urine to go into bladder. As its result sheer pain is felt into kidneys due to build up of urine, which lashed back. Stones also cause infections.

Hypertension is another reason to cause kidney disease. Some such cases have also been observed in past in which medications taken for treatment of hypertension or high blood pressure caused kidney problems. The cases where arteries that supply blood to kidney get closed, in such a situation kidneys respond with release of vasopressin, this hormone increases blood pressure. This problem, however, can be dealt by taking proper medicines for blood pressure. If problem gets out of control then surgery can become useful in the opening of blood’s blockage. Chronic pyelonephritis is another type of kidney disease. In it, infections are caused into one or both kidneys due to which chronic pain is felt and, sometimes, kidneys inflammation can also be a result of it. We talked about Hematuria in start; that problem can also arise as result of chronic pyelonephritis.

But all diseases that we have discussed above are less dangerous than Renal Cell Carcinoma. This is a cancer in which bleeding takes place. It can be detected through a CT scan of abdomen. After this the kidney can be removed through operation if disease is in start. Otherwise, if cancer goes beyond the kidney limits, then death of person will take place shortly.

Besides, hereditary kidney diseases cause leakage of protein or blood from your kidneys. These diseases can be sometime cured through medication. Otherwise, kidney transplant or dialysis is the only solution left for patients.


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