Tuesday 31 January 2012

Different Type of Kidney Diseases

Different Type of Kidney DiseaseKidneys are an important organ of our body; our health gets devastated without their proper functioning. If they completely stop to work then the life of a person will totally depend upon dialysis. The only way left for spending a healthy life for such a person will be to replace his diseased kidneys through transplant.

Diseases related to kidney are divided into several types. Some kidney disease are worst than others. Acute diseases are those that suddenly attack on kidneys, whereas chronic diseases are those that slow down kidneys’ functioning. Both these are caused by autoimmune disorders, infections, medications or toxins. Also that high blood pressure and diabetes can also effect the functioning of kidney and worsen it gradually.

How to Care for Kidney

Have you ever taken time to consider how valuable and important your kidneys are? The kidneys are very important for the normal functioning of the body. Having healthy kidneys can mean less illnesses and complications. When your kidneys are not functioning well in the body, your general health will be affected. For this reason, it is important to care for kidney regularly. Meanwhile, you need to establish a way of prevent your kidneys from infection and keeping them healthy. The following are some tips on how to keep your kidney healthy.

How to Care for Kidney

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It is important to drink a lot of water in order to take care for kidney. Most people have heard about the need to drink at least eight glasses of water in a day but not all people understand the reasoning behind this statement. The kidney is responsible for flushing wastes and toxins from our body and if we do not drink water the waste can accumulate to dangerous levels. The water builds pressure in the kidney to help in filtration and push the toxins to the urinary bladder. A good example of how this works is a river stream. When water dries up, the mad will build up.  The same case applies when our bodies get hydrated. When you don’t drink enough water, the level of toxins in blood will increase causing harm to the body.

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